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compost recycling

Trash Butler now offers composting services in compliance with your local regulations. Including composting containers for your residents, resident education materials, compliance review tracking and auditing, validate contamination reduction, and more.

Composting Services & Compliance

Sustainability | Compliance | Reduce Fees

Trash butler recycle pickup services

What's included in our composting services:

Collection Containers for Organic Waste

Food waste specific containers are provided to residents and can also be paired with our trash and recycling bins to reduce contamination fees. 

Resident Communication and Materials

We provide educational material regarding sorting practices for your on-site team and new and current residents.

Annual Resident Education and Materials

We provide annual resident compliance materials regarding composting and recycling, including how to properly sort the three waste streams.

Resident Contamination Reduction 

Our Butlers perform nightly inspections regarding contamination within recycling and organic containers and create compliance action items for resident and employee compliance.

Compliance Inspections and Audits

Implement compliance program for your property including: 

-Contamination Reduction

-Improved Compliance

-Overage Prevention

Performance-based organic collection service

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