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Doorstep Trash services Trash Butler

Trash Butler™ is the revolutionary doorstep valet trash and recycling company for multi-family communities. Our professional, uniformed trash Butlers will maintain the cleanliness of your community while picking up bagged trash and recyclable waste 5-7 nights per week from your residents doorstep.

Revolutionary  Doorstep Pick up 

Value add opportunities 

Increase Net Operating Income (NOI) by providing positive cash flow with no start-up investment. 

Low cost to residents

For one low monthly price, residents save time and avoid the hassle of carrying their trash and recycling to the dumpsters/compactors.

Performance guarantee

Pay for performance model for our Butlers and Operational Management ensuring an unmatched level of service and satisfaction.

Dedicated and consistent team

Dedicated and consistent team servicing your community nightly. Butlers are trained on proper compactor operation and dumpster loading.

No trash left behind

Butlers are trained to remove all trash. As a result, your staff can focus on other issues allowing for great resident satisfaction and maintenance efficiencies.

Daily communication, alerts and tracking

Transparent daily communication/alerts and tracking customized on individual community basis through our on-line app




Trash Butler Client Value Impact

Our Butlers Make The Difference

Everything handled for you from proactive communication to consistent doorstep pickups, allowing you to focus on what you do best - managing your community.

Turnkey Peace of Mind & Superior
Client Relationships:

Value Impact

Professionally trained and fully vetted Butlers focus solely on your community, becoming a seamless extension of your team to ensure high-quality consistency and minimize resident concerns.

Your Dedicated Butler and Team(”at your service”):

Partner with a trusted advisor who deliverscustomized financial and environmental solutions, driving both your NOI and ESG goals without compromising one for the other.

Profit & Planet in Harmony:

From safety to satisfaction to loyalty, elevate your community's value by transforming these solutions into essential amenities.

Above and Beyond for Resident Experience:

Through our proprietary Trash Dash Software and cutting-edge AI, you ensure accountability, prompt service, safer communities, reduced contamination issues, and anticipate your needs proactively.

Tech-Powered Reliability and CommunitySafety:

Trash Butler is the revolutionary doorstep trash and recycling solution and sustainability expert designed for
multi-family communities. Currently servicing approximately 300,000 units nationwide nightly, Trash Butler has been voted a top amenity by residents and community managers.


Trash Butler has experienced this high level of growth and client loyalty by providing turnkey peace of mind, proactive communication, and dedicated/trained Butlers who become an extension of your team. By choosing Trash Butler you get a trusted partner, improving the value of your community and environment, helping you make and save more money, and ultimately enhancing resident loyalty with a nationally sought-after solution.

Key Message

  • Radars, audits, and technology ensures accountability

  • Fully vetted and proven turn-key implementation refined over thousands of rollouts

  • Dedicated client service team for residents and clients to directly reach out to Trash Butler 24-7

Reason To Believe Details

  • Industry-leading training and continuous education for our Butlers

  • Fully vetted, primarily W2 team members,
    incentivized through competitive benefits, 401k, and incentive rewards

  • Butlers focused on action and solving your issues

  • NOI blueprint customized to your community and proven ESG strategy to reduce contamination

  • Initial discovery of needs, industry education, and up-to-date ordinances expertise

  • Dedicated TB resources that help you execute NOI

  • TB-specific equipment that prevents leaks in the community

  • Second set of eyes at night with a branded TB team member

  • Dedicated resources for the residents to utilize and reach out to our team directly providing superior
    level of service

  • Proprietary Trash Dash Software

  • Proactive and proven contamination solutions

  • Evolving technology that is at the forefront of using AI to enhance resident happiness

Trash Butler Pickup

Multi-Family Waste Management & Compactors 

We offer multi-family compactor solutions including handling the repairs and more.

Commercial Bulk Trash Pick up

We can handle jobs of any size, from a single item pickup to multiple truckloads.

We mean green!

Our Butlers can provide a seamless service that decreases the likelihood of contaminants and provides an additional filter to ensure most, if not all, materials are of the highest usable quality. This attention to detail results in less  fines, less frequent compactor/dumpster pickups, and more usable materials.

  • Contamination fee reduction & possible elimination

  • Stop contamination at the door!

  • Waste audit plans available

  • Offer residents additional options like composting

  • Maintain compliance with local "green" ordinances

  • Increase diversion rates

  • Create a greener, cleaner community!

Custom sustainability programs

Resident's place their designated Trash Butler bin outside their apartment door during their community designated pick up time.

Prepare for Pick up


Your community designated Butler team arrives 5-7 nights per week during their scheduled pick up time and collects all resident and community trash, recycling, pet waste, etc.

Butlers Arrive


Enjoy a trash free community! Dumpster areas are cleaned nightly/daily all the while increasing your property's curb appeal!

Enjoy Your Clean Property


How Doorstep Pick Up Works

Now offering food waste compliant services
Compliant trash services

Trash Butler now offers composting services in compliance with your local regulations. Including composting containers for your residents, resident education materials, compliance review tracking and auditing, validate contamination reduction, and more.

Trash Butler Value Proposition & Why It Matters To You

Our Butlers Make The Difference

3. Profit & Planet in Harmony

Why It Matters to You:

Achieve a balanced approach to financial and environmental sustainability, aligning your community with your resident’s values while enhancing your bottom line.

How We Back It Up:

We work collaboratively to develop an NOI and ESG blueprint specific to your community. Our recommendations are substantiated by data analytics and proven case studies.

4. Above & Beyond for Resident Experience

Why It Matters to You:

High resident satisfaction rates translate directly into higher lease renewals and allow for premium pricing, boosting your profitability.

How We Back It Up:

Our dedicated butlers provide a second set of eyes that contributes to an environment where residents feel valued, safer and secure. These amenities are proven factors in resident satisfaction surveys.

Why it Matters to you

5. Tech-Powered Reliability

Why It Matters to You:

Our technology stack ensures that you are at the forefront of operational eciency and resident satisfaction, setting you apart in a competitive market.

How We Back It Up:

Our Trash Dash Software and AI capabilities offer proactive solutions to contamination and other common issues. Our tech stack is continually updated, ensuring
you're always benefiting from the latest

Why it Matters to you

1. Turnkey Peace of Mind

Why It Matters to You:

Operational complexity is reduced, freeing up your time
and resources to focus on community management and resident satisfaction.

How We Back It Up:

Our turnkey onboarding system has been proven across 1,000+ communities. The proactive communication we oer is automated yet personal, ensuring that any issues are resolved before they escalate. 

2. Your Dedicated Butler

Why It Matters to You:

A single point of contact ensures that your community needs are met timely and consistently, reducing resident complaints and enhancing community satisfaction.

How We Back It Up:

Our butlers undergo industry-leading training and continuous education. They are team members with 401k plans, ensuring long-term commitment and excellence in service.

Why it Matters to you

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